Saturday, May 16, 2009

Screw up

Yes, indeed, I screwed up again.
Totally feeling even more deplorable and despaired than the previous test I took.

Such a catastrophic scar strikes me drastically.

Will it be worth keeping myself in such a subdued, reclusive, lonesome living?
The result of cutting all your social life and keeping in such a gloomy mood day after day subsequently will bring about a unacceptable retribution!

How pathetic a foolish mug I am!

It is until today that I completely realise that I go a salient wrong way in my studying.
The former mistakes I made once, still screwing up again.

When is the ending day of such a diabolic torture keeping abusing me?
I just can't help but feel hopeless and regretful for today's consequence.

Back to the examing venue at 5 p.m. to continue my next speaking test.
I am fully exhausted and depressed for any possobile anticipation.

Shit! There is no excuse and much more time for your failures.



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